COG 001

  • Release date: 22-05-2013
  • Label: Art Mechanical
  • Catalog #: COG 001


Dedicated to the release of 303 driven sounds of all music genres, the first release on the label is produced by Junq himself.

The EP is an outstanding piece of work celebrating his understanding of not only the use of 303 acid lines in a variety of scenarios, but the use of the TB 303 itself.

Snappy electro beats, deep bass-lines and harmonics with layers upon layers of complementing rhythms it is easy to see that a lot of hardware has been thrown at this release to produce such a polished release.


A1. Neutron Harmonics:

By nature this is, and sadly what a lot of music is being called isn’t, (not even remotely), an Electro House track.

Driven by its old school house bass-line, the snappy electro beats only serve as a vehicle to deliver an underlying, effervescing current of 303 bursting to escape the confines of its audio prison.

Intensely addictive acid funk with military precision.


B1. Nebular Structures:

Building suspense from something quite innocent, albeit an unstable environment, this track surreptitiously edges itself forward before showcasing its killer instincts.

Quick regimented bursts of sub-bass locking in all the components of a dark, dirty cloud of super-heated harmonies.

The suspense is lifted through an explosion of nebulaic 303 frequencies, guaranteed to move the crowd.


B2. Cosmology:

A dark and twisting mass of heavy particles carried forward by solar winds expanding and groaning, pushing further out into the unknown frontiers of an ever expanding Universe, creating a complex red shift Vortex.

The controlled rhythms interlock, entropy prevails as the track becomes the sum of all its parts.

Acid funk that knows no bounds, a brilliantly intelligent track that challenges the imagination, as its melancholy undertones deliver a timeless sound to play forever.